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Click Pedals

Click pedals

Click pedals are pedals where you snap your feet on with ease. These pedals are especially popular with cyclists and mountain bikers. Cycling with pedals in which your feet are attached to your bike provides more control over your bike. It facilitates safe maneuvering in traffic and other terrains. The click pedal is equipped with a spring, the tighter the spring is tensioned, the more resistance you feel when clicking in and out; the looser it is, the easier it is to click in and out.


Types of click pedals

On the market, there are several types of click pedals with corresponding cleats. Best known are SPD, Look, Time and Crankbrothers. The different systems of these brands are not compatible with each other. Two of the best known systems are Shimano’s SPD and SPD-SL. Advantages of these two systems are that the shoes click in and out of the pedals more easily than with other click systems. SPD and SPD-SL pedals are mainly used by mountain bikers and less by cyclists.


Click pedals for beginners

The Look Keo Classic pedals are specially designed for novice cyclists. These pedals allow easy engagement and disengagement, which is convenient for less experienced cyclists. Also, the spring tension is adjustable, so you can set how tight you want to be clipped in.


Advantages of clip pedals

The advantage of clip pedals is that you can apply force throughout the pedaling motion. So you can get the most out of your pedaling motions. And you don’t slip off your pedals easily because you are locked into the pedals.


Disadvantages with click pedals

As a disadvantage, the click pedal has the clicking in and out, which as a beginner you really have to get used to. In the beginning this can cause accidents. Another disadvantage is that you cannot walk long distances on the special shoes with cleats that you need to click into the click pedals.  


Cover plates on click pedals

On click pedals you can only cycle with special cycling shoes because only there the plates can be screwed under your sole. Such a cover plate you slide over the click pedals, making it actually a regular pedal. Super handy to have around the house, should you ever want to take your road bike out but don’t want to put on the shoes with cleats.

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